Air Pollution Controllers

Suman Waste Management is Sales and Marketing Partner of Outdoor Air Pollution Controller.

With a Vision to Address Outdoor Air Pollution Levels Suman Waste Management Company has Associated with StrataEnviro Pvt Ltd which pioneers in Design and Manufacturing off Outdoor Air Pollution Controllers.

Suman Waste Management company is an Authorized Sales Associate for all products designed and manufactured by M/s StrataEnviro Pvt Ltd

What are Outdoor Air Pollution Controllers ?

Outdoor Air Pollution Controllera are IOT Ready Units which Sucks in Polluted Air from Environment (OUTOOOR), Locally Filters the Pollutants (Particulate Matter PM2.5, PM10, Dust, Petroleum Fumes, Smog, Odor and similar Air Pollution Elements) and releases fresh ait. The Units are Installed at Public & Private Places like Traffic Signals, High Traffic Congestion Zones, Schools, Hospitals, Tolls Booths, Railway Stations, Airports and similar places where the public at large is benefited. The Units Reduce the Outdoor Air Pollution in a range of up to 40 feet radius with a suction capacity of 2000 CFM to 18,000 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) The System has IOT integration for monitoring of machine and reporting of the data.

How many types of Machines ?

  • Stand Alone Machines
  • Building Mounted Panels
  • Vehicle Mounted Machines
  • Outdoor Smoking Zones Type Machines
  • Muffler Type Machines for Diesel Generator Sets

How do we Track Impact Achieved ?

  • Monthly Tracking & Reporting for Amount of Pollution Trapped in Grams
  • Monthly Filter Efficiency Tracking of Inlet Air & Output Air Quality

Looking Forward to Connect with

  • CSR Partners
  • Advertisement Companies
  • Marketing Departments
  • Franchisee Partners
  • Hotel Administration
  • Railway Station Authorities
  • Airport Authorities
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • IT Parks
  • Toll Booth Authorities
  • Municipal Authorities
  • Social Club
  • NGO's & Trusts

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