City/Vermi Compost

City Compost is made by a well controlled and accelerated microbialcomposting process. As a Bio-Organic Soil Enricher, it is made frombio-degradable organic material and %nds multiple applications incrops, fruits and vegetables. It is free from bacteria, insect eggs,weeds and other plant pathogen. Manufactured as per FCO-1985(amended on 3/11/2009) Standards, it not only helps in improvingsoil health by creating ideal soil conditions for cultivation, it alsoimproves yields and reduces water and chemical fertilizerconsumption as well. City Compost supports the growth of humus,organic matter and microorganisms besides adding essentialminerals, micro-ingredients. It is also forti%ed with bio-cultures.


  • Gardening: Vegetable/herbs garden, Floriculture, Rooftop, natural lawns & in garden care.
  • Agricultural Farms and organic landscaping.
  • Horticulture.
  • Tissue culture plants.
  • Sericulture.


  • Promotes healthy growth.
  • Improved moisture retention.
  • Increased microbial activity.
  • Reduced pests and diseases.