IEC Activities

IEC Activities

Suman Waste Management have a full-fledged Information, Education and Communication program (IEC) to create awareness of Waste Management programs and activities. We use them to disseminate important information within local citizens to segregate their waste into dry and wet waste.

We also work on Capacity building at State level, District level and block level

Suman waste management regularly monitors and evaluate the performance of IEC program through:

  • Ensuring funds spent  on  IEC  activities are judicious on  high  impact  activities  undertaken  with  integrity  and  on  scale or not
  • Due mechanisms must  be  put  in  place  to  monitor  the  implementation  of  these
  • Technology used extensively  for  this purpose, e.g.  GPS  tracking  of  Swachhta  Raths to ensure  that  they  actually  travel  to  the  villages  as  per  the  itinerary  agreed  upon, photographs  of  hoardings  and  wall  paintings  with  time-stamps  (date)  and  lat-long coordinates (location).

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