Machinery for Waste Processing


Trommel Screen uses a mechanical screen to segregate material in mineral and solid waste processing industry. Also called as a Rotary Screen, it consists of a perforated cylindrical drum fixed at an angle acting as the input end. As the material spirals down the cylinder, undersized material passes through the screens while oversize material exits from the other end.

The Municipal Waste processors use Trommel Screens to segregate wastes according to its size. It also help in recovery of fuel-derived solid waste by removing inorganic material like ash and moisture from the shredded solid waste thus improving the product fuel quality. Also, Trommel screens are widely used in waste treatment too.

Mobile Screen Plant

These plants are used for screening natural rocks in Municipal Solid Waste and various other applications. These screen plants are available in various aperture sizes (coarse/fine), decks (double/triple) and drive (hydraulic/ Diesel / Electric) options. The plant capacity various between 10 TPH to 200 TPH.

Conveyors (Belt,Chain,Screw)

One of the most common equipment to transport material, especially heavy or bulky material, between two locations is a conveyor system. It is also the fastest and among the most efficient modes of transport for a range of material and wastes. Some of the Conveyor Systems made by us include:

  • Belts
  • Buckets
  • Chain
  • Screw or augers

Magnetic Conveyor/ Separation

We manufacture Magnetic conveyor / separation units to segregate metal from waste. Magnetic Conveyor has strong permanent magnets fitted in the bed of the conveyor which holds ferrous wastes even over elevations. The strength and size of the magnet can be customised to suit the plants requirements.


RDF shredders are used for reduction in volume of obtaining uniform cut sizes in bulky wastes like paper reams and & wastes, auto parts like bumpers & tyres, appliances like refrigerators etc. It is also used for shredding metals like aluminum, copper, scrap iron, plastics and other municipal and industrial solid wastes. Shredders find application in waste management units and recyclers like eco-centers, landfills, wreckers etc. Shredders are available in wide range to suit varied solid waste treatment requirements and raw waste material types.

Balling Machines

We make a wide range of Balling Machines like Triple Action Scrap Balling machines, Plastic PET bottle hydraulic Balling machines, waste paper scrap balling press, Tarpaulin hydraulic balling press and Municipal Solid Waste. We also make Vertical and horizontal balling machines.

Ballistic Separators

A Ballistic Separator has mechanical oscillating paddles that traverse along the length of the sorting deck. Placed 60 to 120 degrees out of phase, these paddles create the necessary agitation in the top deck. This agitation causes the waste to separate with rigid items coming out from one end while flexible items emerge from the other. Usually, the paddles have a mesh to allow glass and other fine material to drop through the deck to remove contamination.

Compactor Truck

Compactor trucks make loading, compacting and transporting waste easier and efficient. Compactor Trucks are available in different capacities and models.