Plastic Waste Processing

Plastic waste can be processed into granules which can replace virgin plastics and can be used to make plastic toys, chairs and other plastic products. recycling business is setting up a collection system of waste plastics. Rag-pickers, Scrap Dealers and Traders are the first hand suppliers of all types of plastic waste. Plastic Recycling Facility needs quite a large storage space in order to store all collected waste items, processed materials and finished products. Plastic waste items, especially HDPE, LDPE, PET Bottles, etc., require large amount of storage area as they acquire large amount of volume.

Plastics sorting operations may be carried out manually or automatically using appropriate means of identification. The more accurate and efficient the means of identification, sorting and separation, the better is the quality of the recovered product obtained. Best suited for sorting plastics is manual process and we use full time man power for this task. The secondary raw material obtained by hand sorting is of high quality and offers an excellent basis for producing high quality products by small and medium scale industry. To aid in identification, it is now common for plastic containers to have a polymer identification code. Unfortunately, other plastic applications do not carry such identifiers and are, therefore, more difficult to identify by polymer type without some experience. There are several simple tests that can be used to distinguish between the common types of polymers so that they may be separated for processing. We are applying the following test for identification of plastics.

The scale of cleaning depends on the type of waste. Whenever a cleaning operation is involved, it is to be ensured that the water or any other cleaning material used, should be discharged after ascertaining that the discharge does not contain any objectionable substance. A proper Treatment Device may have to be deployed – like a water treatment plant / effluent treatment plant. For drying, a suitably designed drier is used. Many industries situated outside the metropolises, use open space for natural drying of the cleaned waste. If the plastic is dirty, cleaning is necessary. However, at the moment we don’t have a washing plant to wash the collected plastic and we have planned to establish the washing plant.

Cutting is usually carried out for initial size reduction of large plastic objects. It can be carried out with a plastic cutting machine, specifically designed to cut plastic into smaller plastic pieces. Shredding is suitable for smaller pieces. A typical shredder has a series of rotating blades driven by an electric motor, some form of grid for size grading and a collection bin. Materials are fed into the shredder via a hopper which is sited above the blade rotor. The product of shredding is a pile of course irregularly shaped plastic flakes which can then be further processed.

Agglomeration machines are a cost-efficient way of recycling thin walled polymers. These machines are used for physically transform loose plastic material into chips suitable to be fed the hopper of an extruder. Agglomerator is a cylinder with five to nine stationary and two rotating blades at the bottom which create friction and heat. This process causes material to reach to the softening point. In this stage, operator add some water to create a kind of shock. After water evaporates, material comes out from pneumatic operated discharge door as chips

This is the most important part of the process wherein the sized / chipped plastics are plasticized and granulated to make the plastics material ready for fabrication next. The type and size of the Extruder depend on the type and volume of the plastics waste. The project will commence the palletization with new investment. Finally the reprocessed plastics granules are used as raw material for producing end products using similar fabrication machines like Injection Molding / Extrusion etc., depending upon specific requirement.

Machinery Required for plastic processing are:

  1. Dusting/ Zatak Machine
  2. Agglomeration Machine
  3. Extruder Machine
  4. Plastic Scrap Grinder Machine
  5. Washing and Drying Unit
  6. Bailing Machine
  7. Conveyor (10 M & 7.5 M)
  8. Monoblock Pump

Infrastructure required for plastic processing plant is 10,000 sq. ft.