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An integrated, eco-friendly approach to collect, recycle and use all kinds of waste in industries, cities as well as rural areas

Purpose & Values

Suman Waste vision is to create recycle and reuse all types of waste using scientific and sustainable approach in every city and industry. Our purpose is to reduce waste generation, process them and create valuable products.

Company History

Suman Green Earth Limited is a Pune-headquartered, leading municipal solid and liquid waste management company. We have successfully-designed and developed an indigenous, customizable solution for recycling all kind of Indian refuse. We are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Certified.


Bright Green Beginnings

We recovered and recycled material from all types of plants in various districts in Maharashtra having a centralized capacity to recycle tons of refuge in a day. We have cultured a unique biodegrading material – a bacterium - that is extremely effective on Indian waste; and supply it to various parts of the country.
2015 - 2020

The Golden Years

We started working with various industries and processing plants within Maharashtra and different parts of country. We recycled all types of waste and provided them integrated waste management solution.
2020 - 2021

Introducing Franchise Models

Suman Waste Management offers different franchise models (add a hyper link which will direct to franchise model tab) and help people to set up their own business and make money out of waste.
2021 - Onwards

Waste Management Today

Suman waste management is expanding their business and reaching beyond boundaries to recycle and process waste in Nepal and European Countries.
Suman waste management is managing and providing integrated waste management services to process and recycle paper and plastic waste
Balkrishna Paper Mills Ltd. (Mumbai)
Mr. Manish Maheshwari Balkrishna Paper Mills Ltd. (Mumbai)
Chemical industries generate a lot of solid as well as liquid waste. Suman waste has implemented novel approach (FIFO, KANBAN, KAIZEN) to implement sustainable solutions for all types of waste
Sudarshan Chemicals (Roha, Raigad)
Mr. D H Patil Sudarshan Chemicals (Roha, Raigad)

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